Inspire Maple Ridge – A new pre-sale condo development for those who crave new experiences

There are many hidden gems waiting just around the corner from where you live – trip out of your comfort zone with us! Maple Ridge is a small town nestled in the foothills of Eagle Mountain. It’s also home to Inspire, where you’ll find all your interior design needs!

There are many creative, innovative homes that can revitalize your life. These properties offer a variety of styles and features for everyone.

Inspire offers everything from housewares and furniture to window coverings and kitchenware. We can even help with advice on how best to use these items for homeowners who are looking at renovating or building their dream home. From flooring options that range in price point but not quality; Think laminate wood floors through affordable vinyl products; To wall textures like textured paint sets which come pre-made so it’s as easy as one coat application.

Maple Ridge is a small town nestled in the foothills of Eagle Mountain.

There can be beauty found if you just keep looking until you see it, whether it’s nature on your walk home from work or taking time out during a hectic day to paint with finger paints with your kids.

Offering a fresh brand of modern living in the heart of Maple Ridge.

Innovative living – in the heart of Maple Ridge. Inspires offers a fresh brand of modern design that will inspire and upscale your life! Find practical 3-bedroom layouts, as well as studios designed with fine attention to detail.

Inspire at Maple Ridge is a new residential development from the renowned developer Platinum Group of Companies. Contact our team to find out more about condos and townhouses in this exciting project as well as other avenues for investment!



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